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Friday, March 31, 2006
Gossip Around the Net

Carmen Electra performs tricks on Jay Leno @ brick and stones.

Nicole Kidman on the Simpsons @ celebrity nation.

Flavor of Love reunion show clip @ hollywood rag.

Movie to be produced about INXS's Michael Hutcheance @ nosy snoop.

Kristen Dunst dating the new guy, Andy Samberg from SNL @ DListed.

Courtney Love Finds Buyer for Nirvana Catalogue

Troubled rocker Courtney Love has sold a 25 percent share of the Nirvana back catalogue to music mogul Larry Mestel for an undisclosed sum.

Mestel, of Primary Wave Music Publishing, is now working as a "strategic partner" with Love, the widow of late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain.

The former Hole frontwoman currently receives a substantial amount in royalty payments from airplay and sales of Nirvana songs -- including smash hits "Smells Like Teen Spirit" and "Come As You Are" -- after acquiring the rights following Cobain's suicide in 1994.

But she has been finding it increasingly hard to manage the business alone.

She explains, "I took on a strategic partner, Larry Mestel, to help me co-manage the estate because it was overwhelming.

"The affairs of Nirvana are so massive and so huge, and they've all fallen on my lap. I own almost all of (the publishing) and it proved to be too much for me.

"I needed a partner to take Kurt Cobain's songs and bring them into the future and into the next generation. And this guy's the guy to do it."


Singer George Michael Could Be Barred from U.S.

British pop star George Michael may be barred from entering the U.S., after he received a police caution for possessing marijuana on Wednesday.

The singer, who has a home in America, was taken into custody last month after London police allegedly found cannabis and another drug in his car.

An immigration spokesman says, "This caution could certainly cause problems, but it has to be stressed that this sort of thing is dealt with on a case by case basis.

"We can't say one way or another without reviewing all the details of the charges. But drug convictions can make things difficult for foreign visitors."


Ryan Seacrest Confirms Romance with Teri Hatcher

"American Idol" host Ryan Seacrest has confirmed he is dating "Desperate Housewives" star Teri Hatcher.

The talent show host appeared on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" Thursday night, and Leno asked him about pictures of the couple kissing which appeared in a Us Weekly.

Seacrest said, "She's fantastic, she's great. I think she's a beautiful woman, she's a great dresser.

He jokingly added, "We can share jeans, it's perfect."

Seacrest managed to side-step further questions about the relationship, but was put on the spot again when Los Angeles radio station KTLA's entertainment reporter Sam Rubin called him live on air.

Rubin also quizzed him about the photos, with Seacrest saying, "I think we can assume that we've been together.

"If I wanted to have my picture taken I would have gone to (popular celebrity restaurant) The Ivy, that (restaurant where he was photographed with Hatcher) was far out of town.

"That was a surprise to me."

When Rubin asked if he was embarrassed by the photos being published in a national magazine, Seacrest replied, "I'm not embarrassed, she's beautiful."

When asked if the couple would be going on another date Seacrest quipped, "You'll have to ask her."


Kelly Osbourne at the British Book Awards

George Clooney: Sabotage Gawker!

GEORGE Clooney has a plan to destroy the Gawker stalker Web site. While some power publicists propose new laws to protect their pampered clients, Clooney says there's an easier way to deal with instantly posted sightings of celebrities, which provide their whereabouts to potential stalkers - flood Gawker with lies.

"There is a simple way to render these guys useless," Clooney advised in an e-mail his publicist sent out to various other show-business publicists. "Flood their Web site with bogus sightings. Get your clients to get 10 friends to text in fake sightings of any number of stars. A couple hundred conflicting sightings and this Web site is worthless. No need to try to create new laws to restrict free speech. Just make them useless. That's the fun of it. And then sit back and enjoy the ride. Thanks, George."

Considering the proliferation of sightings on yesterday, we think his devil's work is already in progress.


Naomi Campbell's Housekeeper Tells All

A bloodied and battered housekeeper said yesterday she ran for her life after supermodel Naomi Campbell blew up over a missing pair of jeans - and then beaned her with a cellphone that tore a 3-inch gash in back of her head.

"I couldn't believe the pain - I had so much pain back there," a pale, shaken Ana Scolavino told The Post from a gurney at Lenox Hill Hospital, where she needed five stitches to close the wound.

Her eyes red and swollen and her face taut with pain, Scolavino, 42, grimaced and spoke haltingly of the supermodel's alleged tirade - and the stunning violence it triggered.

"You're going to have to pay for those" jeans, Scolavino quoted one of the world's best-known faces as screaming. Then, she charged, Campbell used her Nokia cellphone to bash her.

Scolavino turned heel and fled the model's $3.4 million Park Avenue apartment.

READ MORE...nypost

Celebrities: Out & About

It's Official: Kimora Lee & Russell Simmons Are Splitting

Rap mogul Russell Simmons and his wife Kimora Lee Simmons are splitting, a rep for Kimora confirms to PEOPLE. An announcement is expected later today.

A spokesperson for Russell had no comment.

Russell, 48, and Kimora, 30, married in 1998 and have two daughters: Ming Lee Simmons, 6, and Aoki Lee Simmons, 3. Both girls model for Baby Phat Clothing, Kimora's offshoot of her husband's Phat Farm.


Gisele Bundchen Introduces the New Brasilia Watch

The Young Hollywood Awards Countdown Party

Thursday, March 30, 2006
Britney Spears on Will & Grace: Give her an Emmy! (Not)

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~ staci

Gossip Around the Net

Kimora Lee Simmons and hubby Russell headed for a divorce @ Hollywood Rag.

Angelina Jolie starting to nest @ Gabsmash.

Whitney Houston broke and pregnant @ DListed?

Gwyneth Paltrow eats sushi and drinks a beer @ Thrifty Boutique Gossip. How dare she!

Britney Spears out with little Sean @ Nosy Snoop.

Ew. Someone Has a Hicky

Soprano's Edie Falco Films PETA Ad

TMZ has obtained an ad that Edie Falco shot for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

In the video, the 'Sopranos' star warns, "If he abuses your animal companion, you may be next."

View it here

Justin Timberlake Calls K-Fed "Gross"

Britney Spears’ ex-sweetie reportedly does not approve of her hubby. In fact, Justin Timberlake believes that Kevin Federline is “gross,” according to Star magazine.

“He thinks Kevin is gross, and there’s not much that would change his mind about that,” a source told the tab. “He says that they [Spears and Timberlake] had a lot of great years together, and he’s pretty sad at how things turned out for her.”
Timberlake apparently hasn’t ruled out the possibility of reuniting with Spears — professionally, that is.


Nicollette Sheridan: Ex-Finance says she's a dud in the bedroom

Nicollette Sheridan may be a sexual firecracker on “Desperate Housewives” but her ex is charging she’s a flameout in real life.

“I guess she's sexy on screen, but definitely not in a real-life relationship,” former fiancé Nicklas Soderblom told the London Mirror. “She uses her sexuality to get what she wants and as soon as the ring is on her finger, she stops wanting to have sex. She's afraid of commitment.”

And — perhaps in a case of sour grapes — Soderblom has cautionary words for Sheridan’s new fiancé, singer Michael Bolton. “I feel sorry for Michael,” he said, “because I think he really loves her. But I know there's no way in hell a relationship is going to work with Nicollette Sheridan."


Naomi Campbell Arrested

NAOMI CAMPBELL was arrested today after she allegedly assaulted an employee.

"We believe this is a case of retaliation, because Naomi had fired her housekeeper earlier this morning. We are confident the courts will see it the same way."

A source close to Campbell tells Malkin that the housekeeper worked for Campbell for about four months. The source says Campbell fired her this morning because she believed she was stealing from her.

Reportedly around 8 this morning the supermodel threw an object at the 41-year-old and she reportedly suffered a laceration on the back of her head and went to Lenox Hill Hospital for stitches.

Campbell was arrested at her home and taken to the Midtown North Precinct in New York.


Naomi Campbell was charged with second-degree assault on Thursday after hitting her housekeeper with a phone during an argument, New York City police said.

Rod Stewart & Rachel Hunter: Finally Divorced

Rachel Hunter's divorce from Rod Stewart is set to be finalised this week - after a seven year legal battle.

The supermodel and aging rocker split in 1999, but had never legally ended their marriage.

Now Rachel has revealed the pair have finally agreed a settlement.

She is quoted in Britain's The Sun newspaper as saying: "I should be a free woman by the end of the week. I can finally move on. It feels great."

The stunning blonde wed Rod in 1990 after a whirlwind three-month romance.

female first

Tuesday Declared "Crash" Day in Los Angeles

The city of Los Angeles has declared Tuesday, April 4th, 'Crash Day' in honor of this year's Best Picture Oscar winner CRASH and its message of racial tolerance among LA's residents.

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Vellaraigosa will honour film studio Lionsgate, director Paul Haggis and the film's cast and crew at City Hall.

Also on Tuesday, Lionsgate releases a special-edition DVD of Crash with additional footage integrated into the film, as well as behind the scenes special features.

Tawny Kitaen Back With Ex-Husband

TAWNY KITAEN is back in the arms of the ex-husband she once beat with her stiletto shoe after reportedly suffering a drug overdose.

The former wife of Whitesnake rocker David Coverdale is recovering at baseball star Chuck Finley's home following a hospital stay . According to US tabloid National Enquirer, Kitaen, 44, was taken to UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles on March 14.

She and Finley split in 2002 after she was charged with spousal battery following an incident in which she attacked the sports star with her spiked shoes.

contact music

Matt LeBlanc Filing For Divorce? The Enquirer Says Yes!

Former Friends star Matt LeBlanc is filing for divorce later today from Melissa, his wife of three years. The National Enquirer has learned exclusively that the couple split up in January, soon after LeBlanc's NBC sitcom Joey was cancelled.

Divorce papers are expected to be filed at Los Angeles Superior Court today.

The couple have a two-year-old daughter, Marina, who suffers from a rare brain disorder, and LeBlanc is stepfather to his wife's two older children from an earlier marriage, Tyler, 13, and Jacquelyn, 10.

LeBlanc, 38, and former model Melissa "Missie" McKnight, 41, were married in a romantic beachfront ceremony in Hawaii on May 3, 2003.

Their daughter, born on February 8, 2004, has a neurological condition, called cortical dysplasia, which can cause seizures.



"Melissa and Matt LeBlanc have decided to end their marriage of three years," the actor's rep, Joe Libonati, said in a statement. "The dissolution is amicable. They remain devoted parents and friends. For the sake of their family, they ask that their privacy be respected at this time." According to legal documents filed by LeBlanc, the actor is seeking “dissolution of marriage” based on “irreconcilable differences.”

He lists the couple's date of separation at Jan. 1, 2006, and requests joint legal custody of their 2-year-old daughter, Marina.

Nicole Richie & DJ A.M. - Guess They're Back Together

Wednesday, March 29, 2006
New Couple: Ryan Seacrest & Teri Hatcher

Celebrities: Out & About