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Monday, July 17, 2006
A Different World Reunion

It is A Different World for the cast of the '80s campus sitcom (from back row, left) –

Sinbad, Dawnn Lewis, Darryl M. Bell, Kadeem Hardison, Cree Summer, Lisa Bonet, Debbie Allen and Jasmine Guy

All reunited at a TV press tour in Pasadena on Thursday. The show, which ran from '87-'93, begins airing on Nick at Night July 22.


Update 7/21/06: I went to the Different World site and found the next schedule from Nick at Nite:

Romancing Mr Stone : TV-G Saturday, July 22 at 10:00 PM (ET/PT)

Romancing Mr Stone : TV-G Sunday, July 23 at 3:00 AM (ET/PT)

Gift Of The Magi : TV-G Monday, July 24 at 3:00 AM (ET/PT)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What about Marisa Tomei? She was in the first season.

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Anonymous Moni said...

Jada wasn't part of the original cast but where is Kim and Maggie?

Anonymous Havelland said...

Was this an actual show that aired on MTV or MTV2??? Will this reunion press conference re-air anywhere??? If anyone knows I would love to see it!!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree, I would love to see the reunion special when it airs again. I LOVE this show! I grew up on it.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

What about Loretta Divine, she was with the original cast (she was the dorm's "house" parent)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

What about Mr. Gaines? Also, Netty? These were originals. Oh and in the 90s the younger crew like Lena (Jada), Gina, Charmaine, Terrence, Terrell, etc. Either I watch the re-runs on the Oxygen Network. Congrats to the great cast!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you to A DIFFERENT WORLD. The show changed my life. As a young child I would watch all every episode!! The show demonstrated a better way of life...options like college, marriage,greek life. And because of that exposure, I was able to pursue those things. You just don't see shows like this anymore. Thanks to all of you who played apart in the development of this PHENOMENAL SHOW. I AM FOREVER GREATAFULL.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Johnny Chicago said...

I am the number one fan of "A Different World." I can name them all, and yes, Jada was part of the regular cast in the last two seasons.

Is this a new "reunion," or is this the E! Channel's show that was aired over a year ago? That "reunion" only had a few of the players and Debbie Allen took over when she walked in the door, barely lwetting anyone speak.

FYI: Cree Summer was and still is the most diversre of everyone, having put out TWO CDs of music, endless voiceover work (as the voice of the little girl in Rugrats) and has been a steady actress for over 25 years! Not even Debbie can do that!

Thanks in advance for the info about whether this is a NEW reunion or not.

Also, please see my DVD review of the first season of the show, it's considered a "spotlight review":


Anonymous Anonymous said...

the only thing that is bad is that i didnt see the reunion but you should post more photos about this cause this is the boom
ps cree summers played SUSIE on rugrats

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love this show it teaches me how to care and be different. I am only 13 and I watch this show all the time. The cast were wonderful you guys help me learn that sometimes things are ruff but you can get through it. You guys should just do one reunion episode so everyone can see what you are up to now.

Anonymous Sally said...

It was good show but most of them have moved on to better if not bigger things.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

jasmine guy is way awesomer than all those losers

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