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Sunday, July 16, 2006
Avril Lavigne's wedding photos


Anonymous Alexis Victoria said...

Cool Site!! I especially like the Avril-Deryck Wedding Photos. They're the best. Thanks for sharing them.

Anonymous Catty said...

awsome site but how people know about this

Blogger avrillavigne_138 said...

congratulations you gyus!!!i hope u will be as happy for the rest of your life!!!you two are the best and happiest famous couple i've ever seen!!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am Avril's biggest fan she looks so sweet in her dress!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Leave the poor people alone!!!!They want peace. How would you feel if people followed you. Everywhereyou go, there's someone hired from a magazine or a show trying to steal precious time from you. Pass on this message. Also, the pics are nice.

Anonymous child said...

good site

Anonymous Swimsuit said...

good site
manoj kumar

Anonymous Anonymous said...

How do u guys sleep at night. leave them alown u guys are horrible people!

Blogger gobmar said...

Congratulations to avril Lavigne for her mariage....
Hope it'll be lasts forever and hope God bless you and your new family... Put it in Jesus's hands so you'll be blessed. OK!!!!
KEEP ROCKIN gals!!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

avril is the coolest celeb ever. she looked stunning on her wedding day.
p.s- who ever said they were avrils biggest fan, there not because i am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

avril is a bitch

Anonymous kate s.11 said...

hey avril is soooooooo pretty isn't she she is my role model

Anonymous Anonymous said...

cooll and cute couple, happy wedding avril .i love you forever.

Blogger srikanth said...

cool and cute couple. i wish you happy wedding avril. I LOVE YOU FOREVER

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