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Thursday, May 18, 2006
Howard Stern hates Brandon Davis

Howard Stern knows an asshole when he sees one.

When he and his cohorts got a look at Brandon Davis Thursday morning hating on Lindsay Lohan, they all agreed: "He's a big, fat, tubby piece of shit."

Howard has made a career of saying uncouth things, so you know you're over the line when even HE thinks you're being a jerk.

"It's just evil," Howard says. "Just pure evil coming out of this guy's mouth."

Listen to Howard here

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

And I love the way Paris's publicist is trying to make it out that she wasn't part of his rant. That's the publicist who has his head way to far up some snob's ass.

There is no denying her part of this white trash with money smear fest. These two are theposter children for "Assholes".

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