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Saturday, May 20, 2006
David Arquette attacks fan!

Arnt writes....

A few weeks back I was hiking with friends up in the Redwood forests (a few miles south of San Francisco). During our hike we accidentally stumbled upon a movie set! It turned out to be the movie set for David Arquette’s newest movie, The Tripper. David Arquette (known from e.g. Scream and other movies, see is making his directing debut in the movie The Tripper. His wife, Courtney Cox (known from the series Friends, Scream), is also starring in this movie.

So, on our hike, to follow the trail we had to walk throgh the middle of the movie set. I had of course brought my camera, so I shot a few pictures. The crew quickly reminded us that this was a closed set, so we moved along.

On our way back we had to pass the set once againg. As I recognized a couple of the celebrities, I shot a few more pictures again, but this time David Arquette observed this. He quickly dropped his stuff and ran as fast he could and grabbed my camera! -No pararazzies! He insisted on checking what photos I’d taken. Director Arquette then explained that he was in charge of a new horror movie, and that this was a closed set. He then told us to leave, and as several guys from the crew approached us, we left.

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