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Saturday, April 08, 2006
Jessica Simpson Sued for $100 Million

Jessica Simpson cut a multimillion dollar licensing deal for low-priced jeans and apparel and then failed to promote them as promised, according to a $100 million breach of contract lawsuit filed yesterday against the singer/actress.

The Tarrant Apparel Group alleges that Simpson, 25, failed to support the clothing lines and even refused to be photographed wearing items from the JS by Jessica Simpson and Princy collections. In its New York State Supreme Court complaint, an excerpt of which you'll find below, Tarrant contends that a three-year deal inked in December 2004 requires Simpson to be "actively involved" in promoting the clothing and that she should wear the garments at "public events, shows, and appearances" whenever "reasonably practicable." Simpson, the firm charges, "simply failed to provide the promised support." T

he complaint also notes that when Simpson was asked by the press last year to name her favorite brand of jeans, "instead of responding 'Princy,' she said 'True Religion.'" While Princy jeans retail for about $60, the trendier True Religion denim can cost more than $350 (for the unitiated, "Princy" is the nickname given to Simpson by her father/manager Joe).

The publicly-held Tarrant contends that the lines were crippled by the noninvolvement of Simpson, who once spoke glowingly of her clothing. "I'm completely involved. I will not put anything out there that I don't like myself," she told People magazine last year. According to Tarrant's lawsuit, the firm already has paid $2.2 million in licensing fees and agreed to $6 million in additional guaranteed payments.

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