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Friday, April 07, 2006
Calista Flockhart Admits to Eating Disorder During Filming of Ally McBeal

Former "Ally McBeal" star Calista Flockhart has admitted she suffered from anorexia while filming the hit law firm TV comedy.
After years of claiming her skinny figure was due to being "small-boned" the actress has finally revealed grueling work schedules and the stress of finishing the show, which was axed in 2002, made her stop wanting to eat.

At one point her weight plummeted to under 99 pounds.

Flockhart says, "At the time of all that, I was seriously stressed. I was working 15 hour days on the set and then I was dealing with the end of the show, which was basically my life.

"I started under-eating, over-exercising, pushing myself too hard and brutalizing my immune system. I guess I just didn't find time to eat.

"I am much more healthy these days."

Also, the actress has denied rumors she and boyfriend Harrison Ford plan to marry, because they are perfectly happy as they are.

The 41-year-old star claims she is indifferent to marriage and is happy to continue living with the 63-year-old two-time divorcee and caring for her son, Liam, 5.

She says, "We really haven't discussed it. He's had two long marriages before.

"But we're just very happy and content with the way things are. To be honest I can go either way."



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anorexic!!! I knew it!!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, didnt you know....She is f@c.kin ANOREXIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yoo yooo dynamite YO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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