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Saturday, April 01, 2006
Cameron Courts Victory in Topless Pics Case

The battle over Cameron Diaz's bare breasts is over.

The In Her Shoes star is no doubt walking on air after a resounding victory in her lawsuit against a now imprisoned photographer. Diaz's publicist, Brad Cafarelli, confirmed Friday that a Los Angeles judge has awarded Diaz statutory damages in the case, which involved the illicit sale of topless photos and video taken of the actress more than a decade ago, before she was an A-lister.

In his ruling Thursday, the judge also dismissed a countersuit that the shutterbug, John Rutter, had brought against Diaz, accusing her of fraud and breach of contract. A further ruling is expected on whether Rutter must foot Diaz's legal bill.

Diaz sued Rutter in 2004 for unauthorized commercial use of her name and image after the photog tried to get her to buy the photos for $3.3 million. When she balked, he threatened to sell them to a European advertising agency for $5 million.

Rutter in turn sued Diaz for $10 million, claiming she expressed interest in buying the pictures and lured him into a trap.

Diaz's lawyers tipped off police, who arrested Rutter. Last July, he was convicted of felony charges of forgery, perjury and attempted grand larceny. Rutter is currently serving a nearly four-year sentence for being, as the judge in the criminal case declared, the "shot-caller in a scheme to defraud Miss Diaz."

As for the racy images, they have been secreted away far from the public eye. The judge in the civil case issued a permanent injunction barring any sale, license or use of the photos and videotape.

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