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Thursday, November 30, 2006
Perez Hilton sued by photo agencies

Perez Hilton is to be hit by a multi-million dollar federal lawsuit from the top seven paparazzi agencies in the US.

Splash News, INF, Ramey, Bauer Griffin, WENN, Most Wanted and Flynet have joined forces to stop from using copyrighted images.

From the Splash News website:

"Perez claims he is making a fortune off exploiting pictures taken by photographers. He blatantly violates copyright and makes advertising revenue off other people's works," said Gary Morgan of Splash News.

"It is time he is held accountable for his actions. We have amassed a ton of evidence from all of these agencies detailing his infringements.

We have filed a letter to him giving him the chance to either pay up for all of his copyright violations or face the music. He only has a few days to decide."

The seven agencies have spent the last few weeks conferring over how to stop Hilton. In an unprecedented co-operation between paparazzi and showbusiness agencies, the heads of the agencies agreed to take action.

A letter was sent demanding full payment of all infringed material or face a lawsuit next week.



Blogger Sher said...

Ha ha...couldn't happen to a nicer guy. What a dick.

Anonymous Capri said...

He's ruined it for the rest of us. The agencies let it slide when bloggers took their pictures because it did give them publicity for their agency and blogs. But Perez did it so much and was nasty about it with nasty emails back to x17 and Splash News. Now those agencies are going after alot of bloggers now.

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