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Thursday, November 02, 2006
Bobby Brown knocks up girlfriend; will do anything for reality show

Bobby Brown has reportedly impregnated his girlfriend Karrine Steffans after telling her he'd had a vasectomy.

The R&B bad boy moved in with the video vixen-turned-author after his wife Whitney Houston filed for divorce earlier this year and now he's about to become a dad again.

According to a report in the National Enquirer, Steffans, 28, is expecting Brown's fifth child.

A source tells the publication, "When Karrine found out she was pregnant she was so angry because Bobby had told her he couldn't have more kids."

Steffans and Brown are reportedly making plans for a reality TV show focusing on their romance.



Anonymous yardgraffiti said...

I can't believe that Karrine would trust Bobby in the first place.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

BB got nerve! I wouldn't deal with Superhead without a rubber make of steel.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

She's probably had plenty of abortions; what stopped this one.
Don't believe this bullshit.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

She is just an opportunist, that is taking advantage of a dumb azz n***a. He is a retard and she wants a piece of Witney's life and fame, indirectly. She somewhat has it now. Who has sex unprotected these days, especially without birth control. The dumb and uneducated. Even a vasectomy has some pregnancy risk. She is a liar.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congrets to Whitney!!! Way to get strong Gurl. As for Superhead Dont jump on the crack wagon and look like your idle in a couple years writing a book about your crack, additions. You will for sure get rich off of that one. Good Luck Superhead on your adventure.

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