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Thursday, October 19, 2006
Sharon Osbourne To Remove Gastric Band

Sharon Osbourne is removing a gastric band that helped her lose a massive amount of weight and will instead rely solely on psychotherapy to cope with her eating issues.

The 54-year-old wife and manager of rocker Ozzy Osbourne had the surgery in 1999 and subsequently lost 125 pounds.

She tells People magazine, "I have to figure out why I do what I do to myself. I think I have some sort of self-destruction button."

Osbourne plans to have the band removed in December, when she returns to the U.S. from Britain.

Though the band is designed to limit food intake by squeezing down the stomach's capacity, she gained 15 pounds this year from overeating.

She adds, "I keep trying to eat more and more. ... I'm a pig!"

Osbourne claims she has indulged in "chocolate, French fries and junk food" instead of sticking to the nutritious diet required of gastric-band patients.

She says when she eats too much, "You throw up ... then you eat more."

Osbourne claims her three children, Aimee, Kelly and Jack, are supportive of her decision to have the band removed.

She adds, "My kids, their whole life, have seen me struggle with weight. They say, 'Now you need to spend time on your head.'"



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