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Monday, October 02, 2006
Man Sentenced 36 Years For Shooting Singer Marc Cohn

The man convicted of shooting a Grammy award-winning singer was sentenced Monday afternoon.

Singer-songwriter Marc Cohn had a bullet lodged in his temple as a result of the attack last August following a concert in Denver.

Joseph Yacteen, 27, was sentenced to 36 years in prison which is 20 more than the minimum he could've received.

Yacteen said he was high on methamphetamine when he fired a gun into Cohn's van and demanded money.

Cohn and his band were on their way back to their hotel after a concert at Denver Botanic Gardens.

"(Cohn) was shot in the head and miraculously did not get hurt really that badly, but the bullet did imbed in his skull," said Victoria Sharp, Denver Deputy Dist. Attorney. "It was taken out that night."

Yacteen drove off but was later caught after barricading himself in a vacant home on Josephine Street. He said in court that he never meant to shoot at anybody.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Get it right. He never demanded money. He was running because he didn’t' want to go to jail and be a caged animal. Drugs do awful things to good people being in the music business myself I've seen way too much of this. Really 36 years is a little steep don't you think. Thinking back how many of us are lucky to be alive and have escaped addiction to whatever. I myself came from the 70's but the drugs they have today are far worse than when we were young and stupid. Yes I had a son who had a drug problem and after getting him help he is doing well and drug free for over 10 years. Addiction of drugs or alcohol is like being a diabetic it's a disease. Sorry but I think the Judge was a bit harsh.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

No, Harsh is a freakin bullet in your head from a freak on meth and probably whatever else he could get hold of. Get a grip, the judge simply had the nads to put him away.

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