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Sunday, October 08, 2006
Jimmy Buffett busted with 100 ecstasy pills

Singer Jimmy Buffett was detained by French customs officers earlier this week, after they reportedly found 100 ecstasy tablets in his luggage.

The Grammy winner arrived at Toulon-Hyeres International Airport in the south of France in a private jet on his way to holiday in St Tropez when the discovery was made.

Buffett was fined $380 and was released without charge, according to

But a spokesperson for the singer insists the tablets were prescribed medication rather than ecstasy: "It was medicine prescribed by his doctor."

But the representative refuses to divulge the nature of the medication or any medical conditions the 59-year-old may be suffering from.



Anonymous Jesse said...

mediction ?.
Just who does Buffett and his Yesmen take the public for ?
apart from money from muzak albums.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't believe it at all. TOTALLY BOGUS!!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Honestly, you don't believe that? Every single one of his songs sounds drug inspired. He who holds the money hold the power. He just got caught this time.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

1) WTH would anyone need 100 E pills for? I'm sure he wasn't selling them.

2) If he was comming into a country and was stopped in an international airport with 100 E's that's narcotics smuggling. No country I'm aware of fines you $380 and lets you walk out (with no charges) for smuggling narcotics.

If they do, I gotta move to France and become a drug dealer because there's obviously no real risk.

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