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Friday, October 13, 2006
California Sheriff's Deputy Investigated For Mel Gibson Leak

The police officer who arrested Mel Gibson for driving while intoxicated has come under investigation for the leak of the infamous police report last summer, which bore the anti-Semitic comments of the Hollywood actor, sources report.

According to a report by Reuters on Thursday, Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies raided the home of deputy James Mee and confiscated his computer and other documents on September 13.

The celebrity website has reported that the outcome of the search is being held from the public.

A spokesperson for the Los Angeles police department would not confirm the report but did comment that the department is "investigating the unauthorized release of documents connected to the investigation."

Sheriff's deputy Mee has yet to comment publicly on the matter.

Following the arrest of Gibson the sheriff's department commented that the event had occurred "without incident." Portions of the arresting officer's police report were later leaked to the media, initially through TMZ, detailing an aggressive Gibson.

Deputy Mee then commented that Gibson had used foul language, blaming Jews for "all the wars."

Controversy still continues regarding whether or not the Los Angeles sheriff's department had attempted to give Gibson preferential treatment by not charging him with evading arrest.



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