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Monday, August 28, 2006
Tara Reid gets the brush off from club

Tara Reid is the new Kathy Griffin, as in D-List. The "American Pie" star couldn't get arrested Friday night as she tried in vain to get waved into Hyde, the trendy Hollywood club.

So how bad did Tara feel as former BFF Paris Hilton came sauntering by and breezed inside, as Tara could only stand on the sidewalk and steam?? Look closely, you can actually see her heart deflate ... before completely shattering.

And, as if it all isn't humiliating enough, Paris brought new BFF Kim Kardashian -- known for nothing -- along for the ride. Kim was allowed to enter effortlessly.

"Girls Gone Wild" creator Joe Francis had a few kind words with Tara as he left the club, but words are cheap. He didn't give her the assist she needed for entry. What ever happened to the "one out / one in" policy?

Watch it here.



Anonymous Capri said...

Out of those three, Tara Reid is the only one that worked to get where she is. Paris and Kim are nobodies and have never worked a day in their lives. And Joe Francis has been sued for drugging and abusing women and underage girls that appear on his videos. I don't care much for Tara Reid but she once had so much potential and threw it all away.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Taras an idiot, but shes not as bad as that self obsessed slutty concieded bitch hilton

Blogger velvett1 said...

This is sad cause Paris Hilton is gross and yet she gets away with being such a ugly bitch!

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