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Friday, July 21, 2006
Woman stalks Colin Farrell on Tonight Show

Colin Farrell joked that he had met his "first stalker" after a woman from the audience approached him on stage Thursday during a taping of The Tonight Show With Jay Leno.

"She said something to Colin Farrell that no one heard, then he took her by the elbow, led her off stage, asked the cameramen to turn off their cameras and asked for security," 16-year-old audience member Molly Mattaini told the Associated Press.

Mattaini said the Miami Vice star returned to the stage, apologized and said, "My first stalker," to which Jay Leno replied, "Welcome to celebrity." Farrell appeared "very calm, very collected" for the rest of the taping, said Mattaini, who was visiting Los Angeles from Minnesota.

According to Reuters, entertainment gossip TV show Access Hollywood identified the woman as Dessarae Bradford and said she had unsuccessfully alleged in a small-claims lawsuit that Farrell had stalked her. Quoting an audience member, Access Hollywood said the woman shouted at Farrell, "I'll see you in court," to which Farrell replied, "You're insane."

The woman was detained by Burbank police but, at NBC's request, not arrested. Tonight Show spokeswoman Tracy St. Pierre said the incident will not be broadcast.



geocities com zenlight69

I get it ALL the time in awkland nz, lies rumours harassment prejudice unwanted hetero females & males trying to convert a homosexual to peach (no thx) and the ocassional stalker, intruders into my personal residence or space blah blah etc!

Anonymous Alex S. Gabor said...

The woman was so confident she walked right past security and stage hands like she was parting the Pacific Ocean. Even Leno at first thought it was some kind of stunt or skit being pulled by the producers. It was not staged by anyone. Bradford was there trying to get Colin served with papers for her lawsuit but her process server ducked out and later served Farrell on the red carpet in Westwood. Farrell, by calling the woman insane in front of such a large audience more or less sealed her claims of slander with enough witnesses, it is highly likely his lawyers will try to settle this out of court before it gets really out of hand. The restraining order comes up for hearing on the 14th of August. Its not clear if Farrell will be showing up in Santa Monica for the hearing. Both of them are getting millions in free publicity, and if anything, this whole thing proves to the world what can happen when two people simply misunderstand each other.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Colin may have called her insane and she may think she has a case but how many people have tried this stunt before. She may very well be insane. If not insane, super ballzy

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