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Tuesday, May 09, 2006
Star Jones Reynolds asked to Leave "The View"

STAR Jones Reynolds has been told to hitch up her hefty wagonload of freebies and waddle off into the sunset, sources say.

ABC will announce this week that the big-boned talking head is out at "The View," a source close to the inner workings of the late-morning gabfest tells Page Six. What network brass won't say is that she's being unceremoniously ousted at the direct behest of the show's grand dame Barbara Walters and the incoming Rosie O'Donnell.

"It was always Rosie's condition of joining the show, and Barbara agreed to those conditions from the outset," our source said. The network and Jones are now concocting a face-saving scenario in which Jones will be touted as moving on to pursue important new projects.

Jones' camp yesterday denied the blustery babbler is going anywhere. "It's 100 percent not true. Where are you hearing this?" a rep for Jones said. A "View" flack echoed that. But those denials come on the heels of reports that Oprah Winfrey's best friend, Gayle King, may be in line to take over Jones' chair on the kitschy coffee klatch.

And while publicly, the show says Jones is "welcome" to remain on "The View" as long as she wants, insiders confirmed late last week that her agents are quietly shopping around for a new job for her.

There's been bad blood on the set, particularly with co-host Joy Behar. Star was secretly dubbed "Bridezilla" two years ago after she took untold freebies from wedding suppliers in exchange for plugs on the show.

And she threw a hissy fit when ABC suits banned her from plugging Payless shoes, which paid for her endorsement. Recently, Jones enraged Walters and her crew by bragging about her dramatic weight loss while refusing to confirm that she'd undergone gastic bypass surgery to achieve it.

How Jones' star has fallen - just a few weeks ago, she had hoped to succeed Meredith Vieira as the moderator of the crew.

But Walters wasn't going to let that happen because "she hates her. Really can't stand her," a source told us last week. O'Donnell was recruited quickly after Vieira announced she was jumping to "Today."



Blogger Kristi said...

Hmm, could be the beginning of the end for Star, huh?

Blogger DrDiSaia said...

That's Hollywood.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

'bout dang time.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Star's star may have fallen - but now I think the show will fall too .Rosie is no one I want to see !!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The whole show is on its way down!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I loved Meredith most and I dislike Star the most but when it comes to Rosie anything is better than her. I think the show was awesome the way it is but now will suck and I refuse to support Rosie. I will miss watching the View though.

Blogger BLUEDOVES LINKS said...

I really dont watch The View anymore and the only reason I watched it was because of Meridth Veirda and the tention between Star Jones and Joy Behar. Now it is just another boring show.

Anonymous Susan C. said...

I never likde Star anyway. It got worse after she lost weight. She lloks like death warmed over! Meridith was the only one I liked. She was a "real" person, not a fake like the others. This is the end of The View. It's all down hill from here.

Anonymous LaCreasa said...

The View is going down hill, who wants to watch Rosie. I think their ratings will drop fast,The View will never be the same.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Star is a digusting, nasty disaster. NO ONE will miss her, yuck!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

star has changed since she lost all that weight and didnt even tell how she lost it even tho the audience does. as for rosie i am going to give her a shot

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am glad that Star is gone for good! She is so snotty and hateful and looks like hell. She needs to lose the fake eyelashes and all that make up that makes her look like a skank. Her head has gotten so big I think it may explode pretty soon. I miss Merideth and wish she never would have left, she was the only person who I agreed with most of the time. I'm also eagerly awaiting Rosie on the show.

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