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Wednesday, May 10, 2006
Jonathan Rhys Meyers Blasts Private Celebrities

Actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers has hit out at celebrities who complain about press intrusion, insisting they have no right to expect privacy.

The "Mission: Impossible III" actor is disgusted with stars who refuse to have their pictures taken or do interviews, claiming celebrities have a responsibility to the public.

He insists he will never behave that way himself -- as he recognizes how important the media is to become successful.

Rhys Meyers says, "You're putting yourself out there in the public eye and selling what's essentially your personality. So if the public buys you for 12 bucks in a movie and pays for popcorn, well, you feel you own a little bit of that person.

"So when people then become famous and go, 'Oh God, I hate the press; God, I hate the paparazzi,' I'm like, 'Dude, it's not as if you didn't [bleep] beg for it.'

"Really! I've spent 10 years working my arse off so I can't in my heart of hearts be one of those guys going, 'Hey, man, no [bleep] photographs man, I'm an artist.'

"If I'm on set and a paparazzo comes up, I'm like, 'Hey, take your shot, if you get 300 bucks, good luck to you.' I couldn't imagine anyone paying 300 pence for a photo of me, but if they can have a job from doing that, great."



Blogger Jan said...

It is always the "no one special" who say things like that. They do not have 150 paparrazi waiting for them everywhere they go. But when stars like Angelina and Brad are being followed EVERYWHERE, paparrazzi hiding in bushes, selling their soles in order to get a picture, the atmosphere changes. I am pretty sure Brad and Angie started out feeling like him, but looked at how things have changed. For the worse.

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