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Tuesday, April 18, 2006
Colin Farrell and ex-Playmate settle sex-tape lawsuit

They may not have kissed, but estranged lovers Colin Farrell and Nicole Narain have made up.

The actor and the former Playboy Playmate just reached a deal in their legal tussle over their infamous sex tape.

"It's an amicable settlement," Narain's lawyer, Leodis Matthews, tells us. "We were able to completely resolve it. The terms are confidential."

Farrell, Narain and their lawyers spent almost five hours on Easter Sunday in New York wrangling with an arbitrator over the agreement.

The two hadn't seen each other face to face since word leaked last year that representatives for Narain were peddling an explicit video from the couple's romp.

Matthews insists that there was "no tension" between the former couple. But we hear that they sat on opposite ends of the negotiating table - and in separate rooms - and that ­Farrell showed little affection for the woman who, so far, has cost him an estimated $500,000 in legal fees.

Also present at the summit were Phoenix-based agent David Hans Schmidt and representatives for the Internet Commerce Group (ICG), who together had hoped to sell the tape.

Farrell is pressing ahead with his suit against ICG. Schmidt wouldn't tell us where he stands in the litigation. "I have some major decisions to make," said the agent, who could be a major asset to Farrell's team.



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